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Help Block Asian Carp

Urgent action is needed to protect and preserve our precious Great Lakes! Join the cause!

It’s not too late to block invasive carp from the Great Lakes – but your voice is needed!

The Great Lakes Basin Partnership to Block Asian Carp is rallying support for immediate implementation of a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers plan to reduce the risk of invasive carp from entering the Great Lakes through the Brandon Road Lock and Dam in Joliet, Illinois.

It’s an effort with overwhelming support among Great Lakes residents, our recent survey found. It showed that more than 90 percent of Great Lakes residents agree that the time is now to block Asian carp from destroying our beautiful waters. Furthermore, the survey found, nearly 8 in 10 Illinois residents support Michigan’s plan for funding the annual operation and maintenance costs of additional Brandon Road protections.

The problem: Silver and bighead carp, two types of invasive Asian carp, are steadily making their way up Illinois waterways toward Lake Michigan. If these dangerous invasive species successfully infiltrate the Great Lakes, they will wreak untold environmental and economic damage.

The solution: The states of Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin, the city of Chicago and the province of Ontario have committed to move forward as soon as possible with the Corps of Engineers’ plan, which offers a combination of solutions to block Asian carp migration at the Brandon Road Lock and Dam.

We need Illinois’ full support in preventing Asian carp from devastating Great Lakes ecosystems. The project won’t cost Illinois taxpayers anything. Michigan is willing to pay the tab, but the Army Corps can’t move forward without Illinois’ participation. Add your voice to the growing chorus of Great Lakes states residents urging Illinois leaders to back the Army Corps of Engineers’ plan before it’s too late to protect our waterways.

Sign our petition urging immediate action at Brandon Road Lock and Dam. And don’t forget to ask your friends and families to join the movement!

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