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New York

Take action now to keep Asian carp from invading New York’s Great Lakes waterfront!

With more than 700 miles of Great Lakes Basin shoreline, New York has much to lose in the battle against the spread of voracious – and potentially dangerous – invasive Asian carp.

If the fish enter Lake Michigan through the Illinois River, they would immediately move throughout the Great Lakes and eventually end up at New York’s Great Lakes shoreline, where they would congregate close to beaches and consume the food that native fish depend on, endanger people on the water and spread to inland rivers and streams.

Among the eventual environmental and economic havoc the fish would wreak in New York:

  • Decimate New York’s $2.27 billion-a-year sports fishery, which generates 12,000 jobs and serves as the foundation for the state’s Great Lakes tourism industry
  • Boaters would face danger because invasive silver carp (which can weigh 100 pounds) are known for leaping out of the water – and sometimes into watercraft – when disturbed by motors
  • As a result, recreational boaters – who contribute more than $600 million annually to the state’s economy – would flee the waters

There’s a plan to prevent this disaster!

To block the invasive carp migration, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has proposed installing a combination of fish deterrents at the Brandon Road Lock & Dam on the Des Plaines River in Illinois.

Michigan – the Great Lakes State – stands ready to begin implementing the plan immediately and is calling on all other states and provinces bordering the Great Lakes to add their support.

The new Great Lakes Basin Partnership to Block Asian Carp has launched a public education campaign to promote awareness of the benefits that the Army Corps’ plan will provide.

Here’s what you can do to help: Fill in the box below, and then submit your letter to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other key New York leaders showing your support for taking action now to block invasive Asian carp.

Together, we can protect and preserve our Great Lakes!


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